How to Know Bopp Sealing Tape Good or Bad?

How to Know Bopp Sealing Tape Good or Bad?

BOPP packing tape in our life is an indispensable important object. When we buy tape, we may also look at the quality of the tape in some ways. Generally, the quality of the tape can be seen from the tightness of the tape. BOPP adhesive tape in the process of from semi-finished product to the finished product is using the sectional winding machine, has the certain tension, tension, BOPP adhesive tape factory, tape will get tight, tape according to routine should be neat, such tape is no gap, glue combined with air level was low, BOPP adhesive tape, can prolong the shelf life of adhesive tape and reserve the adhesive tape.For some inferior tape, because it contains impurities, so the glue is not uniform, there will be no problem when rolled into finished products, BOPP tape customization, but a little longer time will begin to appear gaps.

Topever bopp tape factory since its inception has been adhering to the "quality cast brand, brand achievements in the future" concept.
High temperature insulating tape has strong adhesion, BOPP tape manufacturers, high tensile strength, good weather resistance, no residual glue when removing, good service adhesion, in line with the advantages of ROHS environmental protection. The product is available in medium and high viscosity high temperature resistant tapes suitable for all temperature stages.

Topever bopp tape factory is located in Linyi city, is a professional production of adhesive tape large enterprises, mainly focused on the production of various BOPP packing tape, transparent tape, high adhesive foam tape, double-sided tape, stationery tape, butyl waterproof tape and other specifications of tape products.The factory has strong strength, with professional production equipment, the production of tape with sufficient quantity, high quality and low price, high strength adhesive force, tensile resistance, toughness foot, strong tensile strength and other advantages can support customized tape products of various models and specifications.
BOPP tape - Topever tape factory is committed to become a win-win with you, symbiosis, common progress of strategic partners, more determined to become other more influential enterprises, leap with you, common success!

Post time: May-26-2022