How to remove the residual glue of transparent tape?

BOPP tape plays an important role in our lives, such as sticking things, sealing torn things, making packaging for something, and so on. Transparent BOPP tape for our life has brought a lot of convenience, but sometimes after we use, may find that there will be a little inconvenience, that is, transparent tape after use, the residual glue, not easy to remove.

How to remove the residual glue after the use of scotch tape? Here are a few common tips in life.

1, for a small area of residual glue, you can use an eraser to wipe off.

2, in the position of residual glue directly with new tape, the residual glue.

3. If there are expired skin care products at home, residual glue can also be removed, which is also considered waste utilization.

4, use a hair dryer to blow the residual glue soft, and then you can directly scrape down.

5, with alcohol, wind oil, detergent can wipe the residual glue directly.


Post time: Jul-08-2022