Talk about pallet wrapped stretch film

Talk about pallet wrapped stretch film

    Stretch film is usually used to wrap multiple items so that they form a whole that is not easy to loose, such as pallet packaging and mechanical packaging. It is also possible to wrap a single item, giving it all-around protection. There are many other functions of using this film, being waterproof and dustproof is a great advantage

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    Stretch film can also be called Stretch Wrap or Wrapping Film and may have other names in some other countries because the stretch film is widely used all over the world.

    The most common stretch wrap material is linear low-density polyethylene or LLDPE, These two are actually the same material. LLDPE is used as the main material of the stretch film because it has strong tensile and crack resistance properties, particularly in respect of elongation at break and puncture resistance. Other properties such as break strength, cling, clarity, tear resistance, static discharge, etc. are also important.

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Post time: Dec-01-2022